So my thoughts on Ghost in the Shell: ARISE

It doesn’t really feel like Ghost in the Shell. Of all the adaptations it definitely has the most subdued aesthetic when it comes to the cyberpunkness. The music was alright aside from the uninspired opening. The characters don’t seem to have much depth or personality but its just the first episode so Ill reserve judgement on that. It also had alot of unnecessary CGI elements (like when Motoko is on a bike both her and the bike are cg) and overall the animation felt lazier than Stand Alone Complex and of course the movies. The one thing I will give it is the fight scenes. They really thought out how a brawl between two cyborgs could be executed better than the other two adaptations so kudos on that. Otherwise Ill keep my eye on this new show even though I’m not really that impressed - GitS being one of my favorite things ever and all